Uncomplicated administration of your machine is made possible by providing you with a client control panel. One of the basic features of our Hubport Hosting control panel, it allows you to easily manage all domains you add to your server.

To supplement the CPanel administration features, it also supplies you with a webhost manager interface, a function which simplifies the adding of accounts to your machine, all processes and procedures made easy with the assistance of the Cpanel.

Service Evolution

Unrestricted to the standard Linux-based system environments, the Hubport Hosting CPanel covers features that are beyond typical competition elements. With CPanel, you get e-mail and ftp account management, CGI enhancement programs, and featured shopping carts. Our customer end services and features are undeniably substantial and vast.


All these features are completely modifiable to best suit company look, feel and identity. As with all other features, the skinning process was also designed to be user-friendly, done with only simple html editing, with the use any program of your choice.

Simplified Server Administration

CPanel Webhost Manager decreases any automated system's demand for maintenance and, in turn, increases its efficiency in both server maintenance and account creation. Because the CPanel system automatically updates machine security and software, the only task left for the administrator to do is to create accounts and bill clients.

CPanel further simplifies almost all administrative tasks through their web based management facilities. The application also saves its clients from going through complex procedures acquainting themselves with shell commands as security checks, service restarts, bandwidth statistics, and DNS functions are all taken care of via web interface.

You can be sure that your services are not abused by customers as disk space quotas and bandwidth quotas, and other process information can be regularly monitored with the Webhost Manager. Prevent unwanted system overloads with optional propriety throttling programs that blunt bandwidth spikes on individual accounts.

CPanel also has reseller management systems that allow users to create their own restricted reseller accounts within the Webhost Manager. This system is used by Hubport Hosting to decreases administrative maintenance requirements and give you maximum service

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