Our Server Racks

Permanence and Connection speed- Our network is built with careful consideration of the fact that website performance operates on two requirements, that which establishes the stability of your site, and the accessibility of all your pages.

Every possible design aspect has been crafted with tireless repetition through our state-of-the-art network. Our efficient back-up systems are made up of large scale UPS units, as well as diesel generators, that delivers clean power to our servers in various levels of failure, even during extended total electrical blackout.


Our Data Center is protected by electronic security systems and can only be accessed by a limited number of technical staff. We have fully-competent level 3 technicians managing the facility for 24 hours a day in order to ensure that minor glitches would be addressed accordingly, and will never lead to major technical problems. Our entire facility is monitored by a full compliment of motion detecting security cameras, reinforcing the security of the entire facility.

Power System

Our power system facilities are contained in layers upon layers of extensively fault tolerant features. A dedicated on-site transformer underground receives routed incoming service. Our automatic transfer switch allows regular monitoring of power quality and signals the emergency generators in the event that power disruptions occur. One or more Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), that features redundant battery cabinets and full maintenance bypass cabinets, protects each facility. Thus, service and upgrades, would not at all, interrupt the power directed to our servers.

Every facility is equipped with highly powered emergency generators that are capable of more than 24 hours of opetation. Its self-contained runtime is maximized at full extent before requiring of recharging. Test run is consistently done to each generator to ensure its workability in inevitable events or times.

Generator power is automatically activated during utility failures due to switch transfers and the like. Although the data center load is sustained by UPS units that have at least 15 minutes of power capacity, this would turn out unnecessary as the power generator is triggered and is already running within 10 seconds of a power failure.


Each unit has individual compressors and cooling loops to sustain fault tolerance and efficiency. Units also contains individual and dynamic air filtration systems that allows for the distribution of air into the data center in a matter of minutes and, at the same time, functions to eliminate foreign particles from the circulation. Variations in temperature and humidity caused by climate changes are tracked on a regular basis. Necessary adjustments are then done in order to maintain optimal equipment accuracy and reliability. Our environmental processing systems include redundant Lieberton Precision 22 ton up flow air conditioning units.

Tier-1 Premium Bandwidth

Our top priority is to ensure that we consistently deliver the highest quality of internet connectivity and performance that would exceed customer expectations. We have employed premium Tier-1 bandwith providers that guarantee minimal latency and incredibly fast connections to any internet site. Gross connectivity reaches to an astounding 4,500+ networks that are just one network away from our uplinks. We also boast of having direct connectivity with MCI, AT&T, Savvis, and Level3.

Zero-Downtime Network

We have a Cisco-powered, Zero-Downtime Network that has unique self-healing features that guarantee 100% infrastructure availability day in and day out. We have employed the Rackspace network that has been engineered from the ground up to efficiently and effectively address customer demands especially in utilizing mission-critical Web applications.

The centralization of information and control enables us to become fully flexible in serving our customers. Once your hosting environment is subscribed to us, we will be able to monitor and identify problems, determine potential solutions, and effect changes with the use of only one application. Our Continuous Recording (CORE) system aids us in instantly deploying complex hosting environments. While our intricate systems reduces the chance for human error, it also offers dramatic efficiency and faster service delivery.

Core Routing Equipment

Our top quality routing equipment is safely housed in a room, supplied with a highly-competent power source. There would always be a continuous service even when a fiber cut unexpectedly happens because our fiber carriers work at divergent access points.

Technical Staff

Requiring major technical skills, we hire only experienced networking and security team to administrate and monitor enterprise-level network since we realize the fact that Tier-1 Data center is not just your ordinary software and harwre. Our Rackspace network technicians are supervised and trained with the ingenious brains of the experts for years so that maximum standards are achieved. By all means, perfect infrastructure availability is guaranteed.

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